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Wine Purifier


Purifies any Wine by Removing Sulfites and Sediment.

Rests gently on top of any wine glass

Made from food grade, BPA-free materials

Can be easily disassembled, dishwasher safe (Hand washing recommended)

Package included:
Üllo Wine Purifier x1
Selective Sulfite Capture™ Filters x4
Display base x1
Velour travel bag x1


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Why use the purifier?
Sulfite is added to wine as a preservative in the production process. However, the preservative is no longer needed
once the bottle is opened and ready for consumption. These preservatives can also leave a bitter taste.

Exclusive Technology - Selective Sulfite Capture™
The patented Selective Sulfite Capture™ Filters from Üllo is the only filter that removes sulfites from wine exclusively.
The filter works like a magnet and pulls only the sulfites from the wine, leaving everything else. In addition to
the filter, the purifier comes with an adjustable aerator that you can toggle on and off to suit your preference.

Food Grade Material, Safe and Easy
The purifier and filter are made from BPA-free food grade materials.
The purifier can be easily disassembled and washed in a dishwasher. (Hand washing is recommended.)

How to use?
1. Place a filter inside the purifier unit.
2. Turn the aerator on or off.
3. Put the purifier on the top of the wine glass or decanter.
4. Pour the wine through the purifier & Enjoy!

Is the purifier reuseable?
A filter is good for one bottle or 750ml of wine. After that you can dispose it. The Purifier unit will
last indefinitely.

Can I use it on other drinks?
It can technically be used on other drinks as it only removes sulfites. However, the taste may change drastically on carbonated drinks though.

Dimensions: 5.7” x 4.4” x 4.4”

Weight: 0.58kg